Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Ashnod's Transmogrant: The Second Twiddle.

Many months ago, I described Twiddle as the swiss army knife of Old School. It's a versatile thinking mans car, with the ability to surprise even the most convincing foe. It can be used, both aggressively, and defensively, and is as versatile.

Sure, it doesn't have the surprise appeal, being forced to be in play, and it can only target creatures, but outside of these, it's a close second for the most versatile card in the format.

Offensive Uses: Powering up the power of a beater (obvious).
                           Turning an opponents creature into an artifact to disenchant/shatter/Detonate/Divine Offering them. (Divine Offering can also become an amazing life gain spell if you hit the right fatty).
                           Making your Guardian Beast nearly invincible (as long as it remains untapped).
                          Allowing it to be thrown by any of those two amazing two drops from Antiquities.
                          Stealing a creature with Scarwood Bandits/Alladin/Steal artifact
                          Getting a two mana clone in the form of Copy Artifact

Defensive Uses: Keeping a creature tapped with a relic barrier/Phyrexian Gremlins
                           Protection one of your creatures from Terror (since it turns into an artifact)
                           Protection from The Abyss (since it's an artifact).
                           Allowing your Pixies/Treefolk of Argothian variety to block a creature all day.
                           Saving that one point of damage from Bolt for your 3 toughness (or Efreet in response to an ill fated psionic blast).
                           Finally, the mind game of bluffing so your opponent's game is off.

While short, I hope this encourages a few people to try this odd ball card from 4th in their deck.

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