Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Land Equilibrium: An interesting two headed idea.

"We use to use that in team games, since it said opponents. One guy would sac his lands, and keep the other players in check, the other guy would actually play Magic"--The Don.

    One time, many moons ago, I ran to Dons card shop in a vain attempt to pick up a Land Equilibrium he had recently picked up. I was 30 minutes to late. However, he started talking about it from back in the day, and said the above quote. Of coarse, his shop was a rocking place in the 90's, and he played large multiplayer games that modern Magic players wouldn't even touch (in 2009, I was in a 32 man game in that shop). 

    Recently, Wak-Wak posted an article about the deck, and with the recent announcement of Denmark hosting a 2-Headed Giant format, I figured it would be as opportune time as any to discuss this often forgotten gem.
This would have made some awesome land art.
Now the idea of this would be simple, one player would run a denial strategy, while the other, runs an aggressive strategy.

For the sake of posterity, I'm rating the card and overall 4/5 in art, mechanic, and flavor (the flavor being the iffiest part).

Now first we must design both decks, the idea being simple, one would hit hard, the other would play defense. Naturally the defensive deck should be blue, and possibly white. This would give you access to COP's, Swords to Plowshare, and if needed, balance.

I recommend each deck not sharing colors, due to the 4 of both deck rule, or each deck can't have a combined more then 4 cards of the same name. This also applies to restricted cards, so each deck can only have a total of 1 strip, one piece of power ect.

This makes the issue even harder, because both decks need to be synergized better. However, I recommend the other deck to run some variant of Green. The ramp can compliment your teammates Land Equilibrium well, since he'll be utilizing a mana denial strategy.

This could also use w/ the infamous Mana Vortex you're teammate will be running. If you decide to go red, you can even throw in Stone Rains as additional mana denail support.

Both decks in theory can run creatures, but I'd recommend largely support creatures for the blue one. One classic that never gets enough love is Time Elemental, allowing an expensive, but useful bounce strategy, or Zephyr Falcon, a classic vigilance creature.

Another idea would be a red/white deck, to utilize the likes of vigilance creatures w/ Smoke.

All in all, it's up to the team to figure out what to play, but I hope you don't over look this potent strategy.

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