Thursday, February 1, 2018

My MVP's of the Winter Derby: Haunting Winds, the Dark Horse

Out of all the plays, out of the cards I've casted, all the things I side boarded, nothing got more comments, more compliments, and more wtf's then the simple card called "Haunting Winds".

Haunting Winds was literally sided in almost every game I played against, and it did it's work. Doing an average of 5 damage per game, it stopped Basalt comb's, made a Sol Ring a more modest card, hurt moxes, and made Trisk a 1 damage for 1 damage. I sadly never got it against Tetravus, but I'm sure it would be equally as funny.

I had a long history of running this badass in EDH, and before that, had a Lattice shell that included this as a win condition. It seemed only natural in my pursuit of artifact hate that I would run it, and I'll be honest, I didn't expect it to run nearly as well as it did.

Everyone complimented it as I played it, and it quickly became something that required to be played around. Maybe one day I'll attempt it again with Underworld Dreams and Manaflare in some crazy enchantment burn shell, but I will be honest, it had done it's work so very much.

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