Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Goblin Flotilla: Suprising Tech.

"Exceptionally poor sailors, Goblins usually arrived at their destination retching and in no condition to fight."

"Row row row your boat, gently down the stream. 
Merrily Merrily Merrily Merrily 
Life is but a dream"

Easily one of my all time favorites, Goblin Flotilla is an exceptionally good Goblin in 93/94, if your opponent has Islands. I mean it's a goblin, it's doomed by default to be good in goblins, but no, it's even better, if your opponents have an Island.

"You can't block it"--Me, to my brother

Fallen Empires was the first expansion ever to have creatures that naturally had landwalk abilities outside of color requirements of its own (otherwise that would be Wurmwood Treefolk). These creatures are River Merfolk, and Goblin Flotilla. That in is where their latent power lie. Unblockability is a fairly rare mechanic in this format, and landwalk is rarely useful, but with the relevance of these tribes, it should be noted how useful it is (especially Islandwalk).

In a format where blue is often debated as the strongest color (with good merit), an unblockable, tribal relevant creature is exceptionally good. Given he falls into the 'Grey Ogre' scale of power, also makes him worth inclusion, and means you'll never have a reason to run Goblin Hero (not that you ever did).

Sure he does include a drawback, hes pay a red or die cost, but in reality, he shouldn't be blocked to begin with, since you'd only run him against blue.

Art: First the art. The art is actually really well done, by the master of boats Tom Wanerstrand. In it, we see some goblins rowing, while dropping some unmentionables (or some have argued it's water), out from the boat. The water is nice, and the atmosphere (and other boat) behind it, is a good touch. The Goblins are believable, not over exaggerated, or unusual. The best part is the contrast of strong and weak colors. I give the art a 4/5. It might be just nostalgia, but that's my opinion on that.

Playability: As stated above, Islandwalk is a powerful mechanic. While in the main, this cards drawback of R or enemy first strike is too risky, on the board, it can work nicely. I feel two of him would curve nicely with the king, to fill out that three drop spot (especially if you are a purest who don't want Ball Lightning). The gray ogre body doesn't hurt (nor help). It doesn't hurt that Goblin is an extremely relevant tribal type. I'm given it a 3/5, even in the main, because chances are, your opponent might have a blue dual.

Flavor: This card, like many of my favorites, oozes flavor. The idea of goblins being terrible sailors makes sense, but the Islandwalk does as well (who expects goblins on the water?). The idea of them being unable to actually perform in combat without a boost also helps, and makes the card that much more endearing. Plus, it's goblins, they didn't even know Merfolk could wield magic. Flavor 5/5.

In total, I'm given this little 12/15, which makes it a 4/5. If this card was literally any other creature type, I'd say trash it, but being a goblin is a big deal in the format, and for that, I recommend trying it in any goblin builds.

"Come back, cowards! Everyone knows Merfolk can't wield magic"--Pashadar Dirf, Goblin Flotilla Commander, last words

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