Thursday, January 24, 2019

Visions: The butterfly effect.

Visions. What can be said about this that isn't presented on the card itself. It allows you to look at cards, and if you want, shuffle that library.

Art: NeNe Thomas I feel never got her due. For an artist mostly famous for drawing scantity clad women and fairies, she has some great pieces in Legends. This one is no exception, with a meditating samurai receiving a ghostly vision in the form of a ghostly woman. While simple, it's colors are good, with a large amount of contrasts, but nothing contrasting to overwhelming. The simple, but distinct features of the two characters are also nice, especially given how small the art was probably when commissioned. While the lack of background is disappointing, it works because any more details would probably be cluttered. It's only a bonus it's one of the few oriental looking pieces in OS, which helps it's distinction. The Art makes a good place in memory, sure nothing amazing, but certainly nothing terrible. 3/5.

Playability: Information is power. Wisdom is power. It took twenty years, but people eventually realized that Natural Selection is really good (especially when used against your opponent). Portent has been used in a similar manner. In reality, very few cards give you top deck information, and none of them dig five cards deep. However, this lacks the ability to manipulate the deck, but in turn, looks deeper. It also lets you shuffle. Someone once said 'Sylvan library is good until every card on top of your deck is crap'. I'd dare say, this can combo amazingly well with Sylvan Library. Other advantages with this, is a turn 1 drop when you don't want to mulligan, to see if your deck is worth keeping (or to try for better luck). Further, I'd say you could in theory try this with Millstone. However, you probably have better options for that. So I'd give it a 3/5. Not an amazing card, it has it's uses, and I'm glad it's there, but not an amazing card either.

Flavor: The flavor hits the nail on the head, particularly about the unpredictability of the future. Since the card is a vision (or visions), it's obvious you're looking into the near future. Now you can attempt to stay the course, or change the future (shuffle). However, the future remains unpredictable, and thus, it invalidates the visions you seen previous. If I have any issue with the flavor, is it's white. However, it's legends, so I'll toss it up to it making sense on paper. The Thomas Gray flavor text is just a nice bones. I'll give the card a solid 5/5 for flavor, particularly in the philosophical sense about the future, but perhaps I'm thinking to much about it.

11/15=3.6/5. It's an average card, nothing special, but nothing bad. A nice addition to have in your box for a brew, or perhaps to try and help a combo go off, but nothing that will win the game by itself. I recommend particularly trying it sometime with Sylvan Library, if for nothing else, than it's shuffle effect (better than taking 8 ;) ).

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