Friday, January 19, 2018

Tenth Post!

How many of you still have some cards from 'back in the day', I bet many of you do. I managed, despite thieves, accidents, bad trades/ good trades, and drinking, have managed to keep a few. Today, in honor of my 10th post, I will show one of these bad boys (and threaten my ability to remain somewhat anonymous at the same time).

I'm aware my hand is filthy.
This time worn relic is Eron the Relentless, an immortal man who in the lore died numerous times. I can tell you this time worn piece has died countless more then that.

A small list of things that has happened to this piece of cardboard:
-Shuffled in dozens of decks, both sleeved and unsleeved.
-Shoved into book bags/boxes/pockets.
-Was part of a 7th grade diorama
-Had soda spilled on it
-Was in a deck deliberately sabotaged by a friend
-Spent three years in a damp basement in NY.  

One of my very first Legends, Eron I realized was amazing, being uneffected by summoning sickness and being able to survive combat allowed him to be more useful then some of the other jank I was playing at 5 mana (like Orgg and Goblin Mutant). More importantly he directly interacted on the cards with Joven and Chandler. I actually remember at a sleep over reading the lore about him with Retribution and Anaba Bodyguards, and why they aren't minotaurs (or weren't).

The best part was, my young mind assumed Legends, by the title, must be better creature types then other creatures (I was wrong!). It didn't stop me from making a deck later that combined the color friends feats of Invasion block w/ the legends from Chronicles (and Lady Orca). It eventually grew into a 400+ card monstrosity full of flavor and function, but that's a story for another time.

I almost got this card signed at Gen Con, but I had the foil TS version on me instead. Mr. Rush passed shortly there after. I'm glad I got to meet him. Alas, this is a small  update about a card I care very much about, who's been with my and my lot for a very long time.

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