Sunday, January 21, 2018

What could have been: Super Hero

Play test cards are always fascinating. They show cards that could have existed, and what could have happened, (and what didn't). Alpha makes this more interesting, because everything is possible, and because its influence on the game can't be understated.

Alpha as an expansion, and philosophy certainly doesn't match up w/ the stiff rigid design of the modern color pie. Green land destruction, blue burn, land changing cards across all colors. In reality, it's a strange but amazing thing to look at. That's just what made it to print, many other classical tropes didn't make it to print. These included a Red Time Walk, a card that randomized ownership of all lands in play, a card that killed trolls and vampires, and among others the card I'm going to talk about today.

It's a bird... it's a plane... it's a strictly better Terror... 
Superman here is actually a really good creature. For those not in the know, that mana cost would translate into either WWW or 2W depending on who you ask, because during playtesting, they couldn't quiet get the concept of mana down. So with that knowledge, lets look at what we get:

-A Gray Ogre (or Pearled Unicorn) with a very relevant ability.
-An Instant Speed removal spell with feet.

Well realistically it probably wouldn't have kept that name, and certainly not that art. The 'Prince Charming' is speculated by some to be a possible working title. It's concept is pretty good, if not a bit generic, the hero who dies facing off against an impossible foe, being a martyr in the process. Much like Beowulf, he can die fighting a Djinn or Dragon, sacrificing his own life for glory (and because you made him).

This actually reminds me of a YGO(Yu-Gi-Oh) card "Exiled Force" in which you can sacrifice it on your turn to destroy any monster, regardless of it's power. The influence this card would have had on the game, particularly the color white can only be speculated, but it's very likely white would have become a color of self sacrificing creatures much earlier in the games life. Plus, this guy would be seeing play in white decks throughout the 90's.

In a lot of ways, I'm glad he didn't make it, because of his power (at least as printed). He can bury a creature, swing, counter spot removal, and be an amazing chump blocker.

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