Friday, January 5, 2018

Weakness: The other 1 mana black aura.

Weakness: Weakness is a weak creature enchantment that for a black mana gives -2/-1 to one creature. It's not the worse enchantment in the format (not by a wide margin), but it's not nearly as good as you'd hope.

You can thank Random Card for this.

I'll admit, I actually used this is a modern deck. A deck called 'Beta Max' which was a deck utilizing cards only printed originally in Beta edition. This along w/ Terror made the base 'spot' removal spells, and I'll tell you what, it helped give me a 100% win against the elf match.

Complete set of removal in the deck. Also had Icy.

It's actually a good way to remove dorks, Lions (really mono white in general), Goblins. It can nerf an Erg Raider a hippie, and even slow down a few creatures.

In modern, you could play this for great humor on a Goblin Guide, Infect Critters, a wild Nacatl, and a slew of other aggro creatures.

I'd actually argue it's better in Modern, then it is in 93/94, not that it's bad, but it's strictly worse then Paralyze (a card that wasn't modern legal). Everything this card can do, Paralyze can effectively do as well (maybe better). It can tap down a Djinn, given you a decent advantage in their drawbacks. This can only prevent some damage from them.

For this, I'll give this a 2/5. It's adequate, and it shows Garfields obsession w/ side by side comparisons (this being the opposite of Unholy Strength).

Art: The art shows what appears to be a feeble man who looks starved. Like most of Shulers works, it's simple, yet well detailed piece, with a solid matte background. The best part though is how well detailed it is, given the time it was made. His portrait style also works really well with the 'tome' look early MTG was going for. For this, I'll give it a 4/5.

Flavor. Tome look aside, the flavor is rather bland. It gets a creature weaker through magical means, sometimes killing those too weak to survive it's curse. Again, it's boring, but gets the point across. So 3/5

This would make it's rating 3/5 average. It' gets the point across, it fits the bill, but it's boring, and a sub-optimal pick (even when compared to Paralyze). It can kill well in the early game, but it's a card with diminished returns as the game goes one.

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