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Dakkon "Motherloving" Blackblade: Article 100!!!!

"My power is as vast as the plains, my strength is that of mountains. Each wave that crashes upon the shore thunders like blood in my veins."
—Dakkon Blackblade, Memoirs

Hands down, my favorite legend in the ENTIRE GAME (not just old school) is the French Vanilla badass Dakkon "Motherfucking" Blackblade. Why? He's just a big nightmare that doesn't fly, but he's a big nightmare that doesn't fly with badass art, awesome flavor text, even more badass backstory, and who doesn't like Dakkon smacking down lesser creatures and planeswalkers?

Dakkon Blackblade

Its strange to think, the first time I ever actually seen this card, was in the book that came with the Anthologies play set. I remember thinking "Oh shit, this guy must be a badass!" I wasn't entirely wrong, and he's been a main stay for me for sometime since then. Even now, whenever I go into an esper build, I always include him, unless, of course, he isn't legal in the format.

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That's also Sol'kanar

He's pretty damn awesome, and at one time, was fairly popular. Even getting his own comic, something only a few other characters could make the claim to. So how well does Blackblade hold up to other creatures in the format? Well let's take a look down memory lane.

Playability: At 6 mana, across three colors, he comes in expensive. However, you can get alot of power at that. Assuming on average he will come into play as a 5/5, and only get bigger the longer the game goes on as long as you don't encounter Armageddon. He gets an additional point for being black, making him immune to the likes of Terror. Throw in an Equinox or Consecrate Land, and boom! You have yourself a winning strategy!

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Though he admittedly lacks any form of evasion, you can always give him Flight or Invisibility (both easily within his color) or if you want to be cheeky, Fear or Seeker.

In reality, Dakkon is just an imposing, but rather cool, beater. Sure, there are other, much better beaters at the same cost, but few that can gain as big.

Playability 3/5.

Art:  Man, this is the thing that sells the card. The art on the Legends legends is rather hit or miss, but each piece by RKF stands out. However, Dakkon stands out most in my opinion. First, you have the man himself. Enough distinct visuals to capture him to the imagination, with an equal amount of vagueness to leave a taste for the imagination. The previous legend by RKF I reviewed was Kasimir, and I explained how his piece was largely blurry. No Dakkon, for the most part looks distict, and stands out from the alien background behind him. Everything outside his face is well detailed, but most importantly, his sword. Which is both extremely imposing looking, but not to the point of ridiculousness.

The alien background is just icing, making it seem like he belongs to a planet we can't entirely comprehend. The piece looks even better when blown up to it's original size, just look.

Image result for Dakkon Blackblade

See that? Are they clouds? Probably, and the wind, unlike Jedit, the wind is consistent in this piece.This whole piece looks like he's on fucking Venus.

Art 5/5.

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The holy grail itself
Flavor: To get into this, you must understand Dakkon's backstory.

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I declare March 25th Dakkon Blackblade Day!
Dakkon was originally a blacksmith, and warrior, who was commissioned by the Planeswalker Geyadrone Dihada, to make a "soul drinking sword". Dakkon agreed, and every night, killed a slave, as part of the ritual to make the sword. When he realized the power of the weapon, he refused to return the blade, so Dihada took it, and stabbed Dakkon's shadow, absorbing his soul, but unleashing a Planeswalker spark in the process. Dakkon would wander the planes, searching for her, and wondering why he would be giving so much power by her, just to turn him into her enemy.

He eventually got the sword back with "The Son of Carth", and according to the blog Multiverse in Review, was involved in the Planeswalker war. The Sword would come back to relevance in the story, where it would be attempted to kill a second (Dakkon killed Chromium) Elder Dragon, Nicol Bolas.

However, the card, as printed, doesn't seem to absord souls, but it does absorb power from the land, which is where his apparent power comes from. Judging from this, and his flavor text, it can be summarized he has ultimate physical strength and endurance. While it might not match the lore very well, it works the flavor on this well enough.

Flavor 4/5.

Final Verdict 12/15. He's exactly the type of legend early magic needed. Amazing art, unique effect, and the cusp of play-ability, enough so that you would want to try it out.

As a bonus! Here are a few other official depictions of my favorite legend.

Mtg:O Avatar

Comic Poster 1

Image result for Dakkon Blackblade 

Comic Poster 2

Image result for Dakkon Blackblade 

Blackblade Reforged, by RKF.

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Official WotC Dakkon Blackblade statue.

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Rating Everycard in Scryings

Every time I try a big project like this, I ended up not finishing it. This time, with the new year! I'm going to complete this mess! Rating every card in Scrying, and it's potential impact on the "format" in question, which is being pushed by the Swedes.

I will, be using a much more broad rating system, unlike my individual card reviews. I will be ignoring Art and Flavor, instead the system will be reviewing my opinion on the possible impact the card will have, purely on established archtypes, as following:

  • 1: No Impact. The card might as well not be legal.
  • 2: The card will have a minor niche, and can be utilized from time to time. Better options however, exist.
  • 3: The card serves a purpose, but it's impact will largely depend on the local meta.
  • 4: The card will certainly see play, and will certainly be impactful.
  • 5: The card is format warping, and must be played around accordingly.

 With this established, let us begin. Naturally, discussion is always greatly encouraged, and I'm only human, my opinions can always be wrong.


I always forget this one is at instant speed, which makes it that much more versatile. While Reconstruction and Raise Dead see almost no play, the fact this is an instant does change a bit about it. I did think this could be in w/u Stasis until I realized Scepter wasn't in the format. Without Aeliopile as well, it's niche, but a powerful niche none the less. Rating 3/5.

"Blinky" has been called "The most annoying creature in the game", a title it's rightfully earned. With it's near impervious nature, it's no stranger to tournament decks, and had it's time in the sun. I'm sure that time will return, as he will be a staple in control decks for the format in question. Rating 4/5.

While ignoring my opinions on flavor and art of this card, I still enjoy it. A 1/1 with protection from black, is certainly a good card. However, even with immunity to The Abyss, and being able to combo with Pestilence, I'm unsure how useful he will be in a Chess deck, or in white weenies, as he didn't do great in my duel commander deck back in November. However, he wasn't terrible either. Rate 2/5.

Similar to the comment above, except this one flies, and has a somewhat relevant creature type of bird. While the extra mana on this might be questionable, being able to block Hippies all day is very good, besides this, it's other strengths are the same as above. 3/5

"I try not to have any cards in my hand, so this card isn't good at all". 
A friend of my brother told me this many years ago, and he was wrong. This is excellent in a control shell, and playing it on a Serra even for a turn is amazing in it's own right. Sure it's not nearly as good in an true aggro deck, but you wouldn't want to run it anyway. 4/5.

The engine for the infamous "Fruity Pebbles" deck, which in turn helped create the trend of naming combo decks after breakfast foods and cereals. I'm not sure if there is a similar combo in the format, but with Su-Chi and Ashnods Alter, there is a readily available infinite combo. Only time will tell if a Breakfast deck is coming to the format, but don't be surprised if it does. 5/5.

Duskdale's Older brother. Freewind Falcon does have a more relevant protection ability, with it being able to survive things like Inferno, and being immune to Bolt. However, unless your opponent has dragons, it's flying ability it irrelevant on the defensive. I think it's fair to rate this with it's sibling at 3/5.

It's strange to see Magic's own John Carter of Mars in OS, but here he is. This card is a long time fan favorite, and while I've certainly gained a lot of life with it over the years, I'm honestly not sure how good it is. Perhaps there is a Turbo deck utilizing this with Empyral Armor, and I'm not seeing it. However, it is a great sideboard option against burn (if you don't want to run CoP like a gentleman). 2/5.

Honestly, I've never, ever, ran this card. Is it good? I'm honestly not sure. Despite this, I actually own a playset of it, but I still never ran it. I can certainly see him in a mono-white sky deck, but I think even then, Aysen Gargoyle or Serra Angel is better at the cost. He's the one card I don't know how to evaluate, so I will give an honest ?/5.

Honestly, I want to like this guy, but that 1 toughness is a pretty big downer. He almost feels like a red creature, but in white. I guess he might have his niche, but I'm not seeing it. 2/5.

I love Anti-Discard cards, and between this and Guerrilla Tactics, we have a new golden age for them. However, I think honestly, I would have chosen Sand Golem over this, if it was up to me, but I'll admit, this is probable the better one, and the fact it comes back, shouldn't be understated. 4/5.

Easily my favorite white reanimator spell of all time! Instant Speed, a +1/+1, and splashable? Amazing. You can even utilize this with Tet/Trisk for a little extra push. Not to mention, it works as a combat trick. I feel any deck that can, will try to utilize this one, and it might be enough of a push for white to end up in some reanimator decks. 3/5.


I always felt this guy was supposed to be run with his Griffin allies in Mirage/Visions. Sure white reanimator is always good, and you can stack this with another creature to negate your Wrath of God. However, at 4 mana, I don't feel he's worth it, and since he's not optional, if their is no other creatures in your yard, his effect fizzles. Still, an additional flier never hurts white. 2/5.


As an American, I can tell you the pump knights are no laughing matter, and are the face of mono-colored aggro of their respective colors. 5/5.

It's honestly strange to imagine a world where this card didn't exist. While Serra's Bestiary did come out a year prior, this card quickly became a staple of whites color identity, and until the rise of Walkers, was a much welcomed and budgeted removal card. There is a reason why it's still reprinted to this day. It does have the weakness of going against non-creature combo decks and certain burn strategies that turn it into a dead draw. You can't blame it on that though. 4/5

The WTF?! entry from Alliances in white. I can honestly say I've never ran this card, and for good reason. Sure, it's a 1/1 for 1, but with the risk of removing something good, is that one life worth it? I think not. 1/5.

The White legend. Soraya is actually rather good, and at being the weirdest lord in the format, makes it certainly worth looking at twice. Remember, currently, she pumps all birds, not just Falcons, which is an important distinction, and the ability to give banding, is just icing on the cake. 3/5

Another Johnny 'build around me' mana dump. I remember getting this in the Anthologies boxset with a deck that contained three other pegasus, and not understanding why it's good. As a much more educated an mature player, I realize just how bonkers this can be, especially late game, when mana is plentiful and spells are scarce. 4/5

5/5 Land searcher, with the added bonus it can find duels. That's all. 

I never LOVED this card, but I've used it to good effect in the past. Now that it is a bird, and can combo with Soraya, perhaps it will get a new day to shine. 3/5.

As we can see, white has some amazing options thrown into their most familiar strategies, as well as at least two combo cards to boot. However, what they get most, is more cards that improve what they are already good at. 


I always wanted to try this as a reanimator card. Being able to bring back some big creature like Clockwork Beast or Colossus of Sardia. However, as with Find up above, it's high cost, it's slow speed, I feel at beast it has a niche, which can be filled with some better cards. However, it is blue, and that does mean alot for certain artifact decks. 3/5.

The WTF? Alliances card from blue. I'm not saying fish doesn't need more creatures, but this one has always been strange. However, with LoA in play, that 5 toughness is pretty impressive looking. I'll give this a 3/5 for now, as it might have it's uses. 

Back in the Summer of '08, I met a man who had stopped buying cards sometime in the mid-90's. He had a 200 card deck around Browse and Orcish Librarian, and somehow, it worked. It certainly helps in a pinch, but 1-5 is some big odds. However, I'm sure some combo decks will love to brew with it. 3/5. 

The king of Stasis, and the only Atog to eat time. Chronatog is extremely good in the one deck that it's really good in, and is just ok in each other one. However, I always wanted to use him in a G/U beat down deck with Giant Growth and Berserk as a finisher. I'm not sure if it's worth the loss of a turn though. 
Outside Stasis 2/5. In Stasis 5/5

This guy already see's a ton of play in the USA formats, as well as OS 95 reanimator. I see no reason he wouldn't see play in this format as well. Definitely one of the best reanimator targets you can possibly hope for, and the best Homarid in the game by a wide margin. 4/5

The thinking mans counterspell. I just feel it's over costed at 4, however, the first time you redirect a otherwise fatal fireball, steal a Ancestral Recall, or reverse a Mind Twist, it will feel worth it. I'm sure it will have it's uses. 3/5.


Iconic card, but not good in this format. 1/5.


The definition of 'eh it's ok' the card. While it would get it's time to shine years later, as graveyard/library manipulation became more prominent. However, without the likes of Brainstorm and Impulse, this might see some good use as a budget draw spell. 3/5.


"Man-O-War makes every creature that costs over 4 worthless"-anonymous
The first of two 187 creatures.
Easily one of the most powerful creatures of it's day, and one of the most influential of the entire game. Man-O'-War will define the format in ways I can't fully understand as of yet. 5/5.

My favorite counter spell in the ENTIRE GAME. Sadly, few know just how amazing it is. 5/5.


Another Fish, another potential deck. I could see this though, being used in reanimator as an early discard and blocker, and creatures with CIP effects are always a welcome edition, right? 3/5.

A great Johnny card, a interesting group hug creature, and a half decent Ogre, if you're into that. The Benefactor honestly deserves a better a card review all it's own, even if it's relatively limited. A good tutor in the right deck, and a decent beater outside of those. 3/5.


One of my old school favorites for trashy decks. I've given players Sorrow's Path, Hall of Mists, Commanders Tower (outside Commander), and a recently used Rainbow Vale. Outside of Sorrow's Path, none of those, outside of Sorrow's, are legal in this format, you can use it with Undiscovered Paradise as well, which is legal. Good it's here, I'm glad, but it's best pieces are missing. 3/5


Why? In my opinion, Reveka is the worst Mono-blue legend in the game, which is saying something. "But Gunnarson!" You might say "Name another mono-blue legend?" How about Hakim, Loreweaver? Could make for an extremely interesting voltron style aura based deck. However, we are hungry for another Tim, and this one does do an additional damage. I still don't see it seeing play. 1/5.

One of the "three trinity of Fish", it's famous for being one of the first two creatures that Landwalk outside their color (the other being the Flotilla). As with many Fallen Empire cards, it probably will get a review all it's own, but for now, it will certainly see play in the deck it's meant to be played in (Merfolk). 5/5


Protection from Red, flying, in blue, and a Fairy! It's an awesome card in it's own right (since the two fairy tribal cards from Homelands aren't here). It's arguable better then flying men, because that glorious protection from red! I can't tell you how much of an impact in blue aggro it will honestly make, but it's a great sideboard card none the less! 4/5.

The "WtF" card from blue. Sure, drawing three cards, discard, makes it an ideal reanimator enabler. However, there are much better options instead of blowing up two your lands. Still, there are worst ways to draw cards, but not much. 2/5.

"...storm crow is the best card in the game"--Name lost
A joke of legendary proportion. No rating.

A 4/4 for 4? Good! Abuse-able in Stasis? Great! Evasive abilities? Even more awesome. It will totally see play 4/5.

One of the original strange control cards. I'm 100% certain it will find several homes. Including Burn, Control, and possibly midrange. It's a classic, and I'm glad it's here. 5/5.



Ashen Ghoul is the card that changes Reanimator from being a meh deck in OS, and tier 1 in 95. While the four mana for a 3/1 haste isn't that impressive. 1 mana for a 3/1 Haste is much better! Which is how you use this. Goes to the bar with his best friend Nether Shadow. 4/5


The most iconic Reanimator card. Buried Alive allowed for some amazing stratagies back in the day, and even today, is considered an all star card in EDH (though Entomb largely overshadows it these days). I'm certainly will see play, even if it's not a playset of them. 3/5


An odd choice. I understand this was designed as a limited set, and this has so much utility. You can use it to discourage a chump block, on a sac target, or to discourage a attack to bait a chump block. Sure, it's another 'wtf Alliances' card, the black one, of the set. I doubt it will see constructed play. 1/5.

Remember when black was weak against itself? I do. Choking Sands is a solid land destruction spell, it's the second best black one, after the legendary Sinkhole. It's one weakness is it can't hit swamps, or black duels. The 2 damage is just icing on the cake. 4/5.

The "strictly better" animate dead. While I have a plan to compare the two in a future article, I can say, that +1/+1 is pretty juicy, and certainly worth the upkeep cost. Will it see play? Most certainly! 5/5.


My first 95 Deck was a black thrull deck, and it included these bad boys. The first time I blew up a factory with this and a Dark Ritual, my opponent couldn't believe it could do that. Strictly better then Terror, but arguable not as iconic. However, it will certainly make a splash. 4/5

Another one of the cards I have to review, though I discussed him in my article 'replacing Juzam Djinn'. The only thrull to see tournament play, as a 2 of in 5color sligh. In reality, he's an efficient beater, and you can do some fun things with that drawback if you include a Sleigh of mind and a Juxtapose ;). 3/5.

Brutal land destruction that can potentially lock another player out. It can in it's color come out on turn 1, and can be brutal to an underprepared opponent. While not the best card around, it certainly has it's niche. 3/5


An Enchant World! Forsaken Wastes is a classic black lifeloss spell, allowing it to be in a slow bleed deck, and complimenting Underworld Dreams rather nicely. The best part, however, is it's built in protection, meaning that disenchant now costs an additional 5 life. Just watch out for other Worlds and Tranquility. 3/5


Instant Speed removal, a combat trick, situational unblockability, or instant speed discard (great for an opponent in top deck mode). Funeral Charm could be argued for the best charm in the Mirage block, and one of the best ones in the game. 5/5.


"How the mighty hath fallen"--Ultratog, Gatherer comment
The black legend. While I personally would have preferred Baron Badass, Ihsan is strictly hands down better. Another on the list of 'cards to review' in the future, this guys durability is legendary, as he's out of range of Terror/Banishing, Bolt, and Swords to Plowshares. Remember guys, he dies to Fissure ;). 5/5


A legendary combo enabler, and one of the corner stones of Mike Long's masterpiece Prosperous Bloom. However, without this combo, I'm not sure how good it actually is. Sure half your life is rather vague, and drawing four cards is pretty good. Maybe, if another card becomes scryings legal, Infernal Contract can become an amazing card in suicide black. Maybe. 3/5


The only graveyard order matters card I don't enjoy. His best feature is he can become an amazing discard outlet, as the only card in the format returning from the yard into the hand. However, with few discard effects, how well he works needs to be determined. 2/5. 

"Hippy immune to Maze" does have a nice ring to it. Mindstab is probably the best of the Fallen Empire Thrulls, being able to force a block or hit three cards (a huge amount of cards). It's also weak enough to combo with Tawnos's Wand, which is really good. 3/5

One of the cards that got me into Magic, this art is badass. The card is great to, and a staple of black weenie. 5/5

The thinking mans combo card, a staple of a deck that shares it's name, and one of the most brutal control cards ever made. I'm certain this a fair format warping card, and an iconic one as well. 5/5.


An early suicide black creature. It also saw it's fair share of play in rat decks at the time. A 1/1 with a pump for 1 is always good (look at it's cousin, the 0/1 Vampire Bats for example). Its not interesting, for sure, but it's solid none the less. 3/5.


The legend itself. The original Akroma. The OG game breaking reanimator target. What can I say about this awesome card that hasn't been said elsewhere. I just wish that this bad boy had it's night stalker cousins as well, so I could build that bad jank deck. 5/5


The "fair" Hymn to Tourach. It actually inspired a well known Yu-Gi-Oh card. However, with a format that already has great discard outlets, I'm honestly not sure how much this will see play. 3/5


Another great 3 drop for Suicide Black. While I still think Hippy is better, this has more of a body, and in the early game, that can mean much. I still don't however, like how it can die to an Icy. 2/5



Oh the poster child of fallen heroes. This was once the chase rare of Alliances, and I'm not making that up, trust me. It's a hard card for me to evaluate, and honestly deserves a full article to itself. Until that day comes, I will give it a modest 3/5, however reserve the right to change that as more information becomes available.


"The best card in Scryings"-Stan

It's hard to argue with that assessment. Being able to hit a land every turn with a stone rain is amazing. This card is also one of my favorite alters ever, but I won't post that here. 5/5


Oh Eron. What is there to say about you I haven't said before? Well a 5/2 that can in theory come out as soon as turn 2 and swing is pretty amazing, and while his his regeneration ability is more of a niche that a practical ability, it's still there. 4/5


"we are elite, you are not".

Ah Goblin Elite Infantry! I remember thinking you were terrible then, and that opinion hasn't changed. 2/5


BOOM goes the dynamite. A long time finisher for Goblins, and one of the best cards to come out of Fallen Empires. 5 damage for a Goblin and a R is amazingly good, and it's still relevant event today. 5/5


I personally love running this guy with Goblin Caves. Allowing it to hit bigger artifacts without a threat to itself. It's probably not the best goblin that blows up artifacts in the set, but it can hit Moxes, which is nice. I still wish it was a mox monkey. 4/5


I love this mechanic. I think the Vandal is one of the best to feature it in the game. It's already a 1/1 for R, includes the ability to destroy artifacts, and in a very relevant tribe. 4/5

With all the discard targets these days, Guerrilla Tactics is an amazing trap. I've run it in almost every burn deck I've ever built (on the side), and it's cost isn't terrible, granted, not the best, but certainly a good card. 4/5

My Third Favorite burn spell in the game. It's historical importance speaks for itself. 4/5

I love mass destruction, however, without phasing, I'm not sure how to abuse this. It's still a great fuck you, and I'm certain it will find it's niche. 3/5

"Billy, you can use it to kill your opponents Orcs!"

Orc Tribal is the weirdest of the red tribes. Goblins and Kolbolds have a lot to work with, and dwarves have to little. Orcs however, are somewhere in the middle. While this ones tribal ability is purely on luck, he is a 1/1 for 1, something Orc decks rather lack. 3/5 for helping a tribe.


Ah! The Librarian. Besides having some of the funniest magic art ever, it's a solid card in it's own right. Being able to manipulate the top four cards of your deck is pretty amazing. A card from a time when red wasn't just swing and burn. 4/5.

Oh the poor man's lotus. If black wasn't so strong in 1995, this guy would be the face of the set, but he still had his time to shine. From being played in later Channel Fireball decks, to red/green midrange. He's a solid mana ramp, especially along side duels. 5/5.

The card I want to be good, but no matter how much I tried, it could never find it's niche. Personally, I would rather have had Conquer in this spot instead. Still, I'll end up throwing the two I own into orcs eventually. 2/5

The big guy, right behind Shivan. Sure, his drawback may be very relevant, but in a deck with that draw back in mind, and designed around it, it can't be ignored. Easily the best Orgg in the game, if that's saying much. I just wish the mutant was along side him. 4/5

Good solid removal and a replacement to Stone Rain. 3/5

Oh Multikicker! I've always liked this card, between the small life gain, and the ability to hit multiple targets. It's only worse then Shatter because of it's sorcery speed. However, I'm glad it's here! 3/5

The WTF Alliances... wait this one is from Visions. One of the strangest cards in red in the whole game. It actually could combo really well with Bone Harvest (which isn't in the set), assuring an automatic +4/+0. Still, it's purpose in the set, and for the format is strange. 2/5

Firebreathing Clerics! Is there anything better? 4 toughness, and a traditional firebreathing. Not bad. 3/5

A strictly better version of the card above, immune to bolt, immune to StP, Immune to Pacifism. Can hold pump knights at bay. Has half firebreathing. Will revolutionize any red midrange deck. 5/5.



Magic's very own MILF! She had her moment in the sun, and with that, she will have it again. I once called this card "perfect", and it's a sentiment I still share. How much she will impact the format, however, is yet to be seen. Until then, she'll just get a 3/5.

Fuck Control! 5/5

Green always had the advantage of versatile, but expensive, removal. In this, it can hit everything but a creature, and with that, makes it one of the most versatile control cards in the format. However, is it worth three mana? 3/5.

6 power and an immunity to spells and abilities? Pretty good! One toughness? Not so much. However, like many cards, it serves it's niche, and will more then likely force a block and a trade. 3/5.

Another one of those cards I can honestly say I've never played with. Sure that ability is versatile, but is it worth the four mana? I don't think so. 2/5 from me.

The Charms were all good idea's, though some are more versatile then others. While I think the other one is better, this certainly is pretty good, and I hope it finds a home. 3/5

Perfect for the early game, or getting back a Timetwister. I often use this in casual multiplayer formats, where it's the perfect politics card. In a 1-on-1 game, i's obviously not as good, but it's solid for what it does. 3/5.


Oh the places this card went. It's an amazingly strong card in it's own right, but man, it's such a good card. You can honestly play this on turn two, and get out a scaled wurm! Sure, it sucks hard when it's countered, but when it isn't, oh boy! 5/5. Will definitely see major play.

The good thing about this one is it's ability to fetch green duels. Tropical Island, Taiga, Savannah, and Bayou. All awesome in a pinch. I'm sure some people will find this searcher much more useful then it's cousin from Legends. 4/5

History was not kind to this card. There is nothing to suggest this time will be any different. 2/5.

Solid hate card. Best card in Homelands. "A good card". 5/5

A classic combo enabler, with a long pedigree of success. How much will she be used in this format remains to be seen. However, I'm certain it will find a very successful place. 4/5

What a classic! I love this card so much. I don't know just how good it will become, but it's better than Grizzlys. 5/5

The poster child for Senor Stompy. Is a 3/3 worth a land drop? Yes (unless they have bolt). Since this format has bolt, and that format didn't, it's hard to say if he will be just as brutal as he was in 1997. Still, I'm sure he will appear here and there. 4/5.

My favorite wurm in the game! The Timmy in me still loves this bad boy, and everything about it is almost perfect. While extremely splashable, and extremely big, there are bigger reanimator targets, and better creatures at 8 mana. 3/5

The gentlemans Shatterstorm. Green often lacks cheap removal, but this hits that bell really well. Perfect for a group hug strategy as well. I'm sure it has a place in sideboards. 3/5

The forgotten powerhouse from Homelands. Spectral Bears was once a common sight, with an efficient body that could hold up even today. Sure, that drawback is a bit steep, but a 3/3 for 2! I'm sure it'll see play in stompy and erhmaggedon. 4/5

Another poorman's alternativew to power. It saw play in a lot of r/g beatdown decks, as well as budget Channel/Fireball decks. I'm certain it will shine in these builds again. 4/5

The other 187 creature in the format, Uktabi Orangutan is legendary both for it's decent body and awesome CIP/ETB effect. It's also legendary for it's art, but that is a story for another time. 4/5

Good buddy, the Lord of Tresshorn is equally amazing in it's design, it's literal reference in it's p/t, and its 1 mana regeneration. However, those are some steep costs. It's 2/2/2 cost is a big drawback, but I'm sure a creative soul will find some use for him, and as an added bonus, he's a Zombie these days. 3/5

Honestly, a one sided sweeper that's only saving grace is it's an instant. Might kill the occasional dork, and could be a pain for white weenie, but I feel there is better. 2/5

Two out of three of the gold cards in the format are R/G. Are the people trying to say something? Anyway, this actually saw it's time in the limelight as anti-Necropotence tech. Repeatable removal is always an asset, and when and if you're in top deck mode, the 'random' is anything but. The best part is obvious, the effect card be countered (at least in this format). 4/5


Another card I've never had the pleasure of playing with, or against. Two mana is plenty affordable, and being a Mine and a Library of Leng in one is pretty good. I'm certain Turbo Stasis and Underworld Dreams will find good homes for it. 4/5

No one runs the nearly superior Jade Statue. Why would they run this? Ok that isn't fair. I can see this appearing in a few crazy brews, but that is it. 2/5

One part a steal card, one part removal. Grinning Totem is an amazingly versatile card, whether it be for removing opponents key cards from their libraries, or for stealing a power card for yourself. You can even steal a counterspell and use it! 4/5.

Everything that can be said about this has been said. I guess, if I get into scryings I'll try mill control with Jester's Cap and Grinning Totem! 5/5

My older brother ran this card in a tron deck. When he wasn't mana screwed, it was actually pretty good.

InQuest Games in 04 called this the most powerful combo in the game. Combining him with Illusionary Mask is one of the most satisfying things in the entire game. I could go on about how amazing the art is, or iconic the card is (it was the entrance image for Phyrexia.com). However, from a playability standpoint, it's a 5/5. Just because of that combo.

Another "The best card in Homelands". This card has a deep piece of nostalgia to me, and personal importance. Outside this, it's solid removal, able to hit pump knights, able to take out that pesky Will-o'-the-wisps for good, and can do some minor plays with combat. All and all, it's a solid card. 3/5

I'm surprised at how expensive this card is honestly. As for the card itself, you can't turn it off anymore, but outside that, it's still the amazing card it's always been. Expect it to see play in Underworld dreams! 4/5.

When is drawing two cards ok? When letting the opponent discard one of them. Nice easter egg, the Thran Tome is the Weatherlight set symbol. 2/5.

Cheaters Orb. 5/5

"Hey Dude"

Dude Ranch is another one of those cards that had it's moment in the sun, and then disappeared. The ability to make a soldier every turn is amazing. However, it's usefulness is equal to how many Strip Mines are allowed, since it's cost of a land can be a big downer. Even with only 1, thats a big hit. 4/5

Another forgotten gem from alliances. I'll probably do a proper review on this one. However, here, it's a 4/5 card. A little slow, but a great fixer.

The other City of Brass. I'm always surprised this somehow managed to not get reprinted before it's appearance on the RL. It's a solid mana fixer, for people who don't want to get pinged by CoB. 4/5

There you have it, a short review of every card in Scryings, and man, did it take a long time to do. I honestly didn't think it would take an entire month to do the set, but here we are! I've specifically avoided any games of Scryings, watching, reviewing, or participating, to keep the integrity of these being hunches and guesses accurate.

As always, good luck! Good scryings!