Sunday, January 6, 2019

Year One: A retrospective

It's been one year since I've decided to make a part time side project about OS MtG. While I had thrown the idea around before this, this time I decided to do this, and to much fan-fare. Numerous people on the Reddit, as well as in the various old school groups have encouraged me to go on, writing more card reviews, and talking about jank I have fond memories of. I've also gotten a lot of feed back from my series 'The Several Deadly sins of WotC', for better or worse.

I thank all of you for your words of encouragement. Now to the stats.

My most viewed article (card review): Uncle Istvan (Uncle Istvan: When is popularity worth being weird?), which I remember someone arguing that I oversold his popularity, and someone else saying they now hate Aaron Forscythe because of his opinion on the card.

Least viewed article (card review): Weakness (Weakness: the other 1 mana black aura). With just shy over 80 unique views, it's easily the least popular review I've done. It's also one of the least talked about, with it garnering no discussion on the Reddit or in OS Groups.

Most viewed article (7 Sins): Actually the 6th sin part 1: Art and lore. Closely followed by Power Creep and Losing one's Identity.

Ironically, the least viewed article is 'The Fifth Sin: The Jacetice league'. Perhaps that shouldn't of been a sin in on itself, since I covered a number of things I disliked about them in another post. (if you exclude the intro post).

Most viewed article (other): (Replacing Juzam, how do the other's add up?), easily my most viewed article, and the only one to reach over a thousand views. It also got the most fan fare and discussion, with numerous discussions taking place over the article and it validity.

Least viewed article (other):  While my short article about Mirage is pretty low, my theoretic on an old school expansion has garnered less then 50 views, making it the least red article on the entire blog.

My most controversial article: (The 6th Sin, the degrading and 'casualization' of MtG (Part 1: art and flavor)). Easily my most controversial article, which featured an infamous header. The article had gotten me banned from Magic 4 Good, which wasn't even read by the person who did it, and came with numerous discussion from people who didn't pass the header. Those that did, however, said the article was well written, and made some good arguments, so remember, never judge a book by its cover.

So what should you expect in the next year, loyal reader? I have more card reviews planned (an article about Giant Strength compared to other enchant creature spells, and an article about Goblin Flotalla have been sitting in development hell forever), I plan on finishing Seven Deadly Sins by the end of Febuary (the article on tournaments has been rather difficult to finish), inspired by the popularity of Juzam, I plan on making an article about replacing Erhnam, and Jaydmae Tome respectably, and finally, a series about Mechanics. Of coarse! More card reviews!

Thank you for the wonderful year!

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