Friday, January 12, 2018

Wanderlust: An unusual green spell for an unusual time.

"How terrible to wander wishing only to escape oneself."
"My restless, roaming spirit would not allow me to stay home for very long"
 --Buffalo Bill
Wanderlust is described as a strong longing or desire to wander, explore, or travel. It's natural such a classical term would make it into the base expansion. After all, who isn't familiar with the term 'Wanderlust'. However the card, is well, strange, even for green. 

Green bleed effect.

Naturally, wanderlust would be an enchant creature spell. In it, you are using the natural energy of the earth (or nature) to give the creature a desire to leave his duties and explore. However, why is it a bleed effect? Is that the creature rebelling? Is him ignoring his duties causing harm to come to the Planeswalker? I'm not sure. 

However it's one of the only green bleed effects in the game. Black, red and even blue would continue to get them over the years, but this one is one of only a handful. 

Now green burn wasn't unheard of, cards like Sandstorm, Cyclone, Hurricane, Winter Blast, and so forth show that the idea of green having direct damage effects wasn't beyond the color pie in those days. Even a few creatures got it, including 'Tracker' and 'Thorn Thallid'. 

As said though, this is a bleed effect, which is why it's so strange.

However, it's not a very strong one, and as such, it can be easily played around. However, like all bleed effects, it can honestly get annoying over time. 

However I do enjoy the idea of a deck combining it with this little gem: 

Not legal in 93/94 (duh)

Playability: I'll give it a 1. It's just to easy to play around, and unlike other bleed effects that target enchantments, lands, or artifacts, the guy can still smack you in the face, or chump block.

The art: Cornelius Brundi is good at making a distinct style, fitting a old 'story book' feel. However, none had that look down as much as this piece. 

I'm actually surprised I found this.
In the art we see a germanic figure looking over a valley with some irrigated farmland and a flowing stream. It's simple in detail and color, but it works. The man can be seen with a hunched back, and in it a bad, with various supplies, including pots/pans and a dagger. The hand on knee shows our adventurer has wandered a long time, and is tired. 

Not much else to be said on the art, but it's certainly memorable in it's own right. The colors are contrasted enough that it leaves a good sake of details in an otherwise simple drawing. Especially the grass around his feet. Modern video games gush over 'individual blades of grass', so I figured I would point it out. Another easily notable thing that gets missed, is the river has a bridge/dam up near the bush. 

The art gets a solid 4. Really gives the purpose of wanderlust across to the artist, and even fits the tome feel of early Magic cards.
Flavor 3/5, fits the tome feel, but the mechanics feel off. 
8/15= 2.6, not bad for a box filler, but it's a shame that this great piece of art is on a lackluster card. Well, that's base edition for you, right?
I also enjoy this version a bit more, but I'm a fan of Guay.

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